The Elixir of Life!…..well of hair at least!


Wella SP Luxe Oil – £24.99 (100ml)

Up until a few years ago, hair oils didn’t seem to be as much of a necessity as they are in today’s lifestyle. In the hear and now, if you are into beauty, you will have seen them advertised in blogs, magazines, on the television, youtube etc…and are regarded as a absolute essential if we are to keep our locks shiny and healthy. After all, we are a generation of heat styling and it has become a part of our everyday life….and to do this, we have to protect protect protect!!

Although MooroccanOil have set the standard (which I haven’t tried yet by the way…..I know where have I been right?!) many other brands have now followed suit. I received a sample of this recently, and I have to admit I haven’t really tried any hair oils before, but now understand what all the hype is about. After a few uses of this product, I have to say that I am now hooked and cannot imagine being without it.

Wella claims that it works by using reconstructive transform technology that transforms the hair inside and out, protecting the keratin; resulting in instant and long lasting softness. This is due to the combination of oils, containing natural Argan, Almond and Joboba. Almond oil is known for its super hydrating properties and lightweight texture, Argan oil is referred to as ‘liquid gold’ and is famous for its nourishing, cosmetic and medicinal qualities and Jojoba oil is great for split ends.

It also states that just after one application, hair will feel up to 10 times smoother and although i’m not to sure about the 10 times part, I absolutely have to agree! Hair feels soft, shiny, nourished and hydrated. This amazing elixir is also very light on the hair and not greasy in any form (and I should know, my hair is finer than fine!) making the hair easy to style. I know a lot of people will not bother with oils as it can be seen as yet another task in the morning rush and believe me, I am no morning person by any standard, I like a simple routine and out of the door I go! I often use just one pumps worth on dry styled hair, concentrating on the mid length to ends which literally takes 10 seconds. The result….goddess hair!

Now I HAVE to mention the smell of this oil, it smells so good that you could almost eat it! It has sort of a fruity sweet smell that lasts all day, I often find myself just sitting there, smelling my hair (I know i’m weird). Although this is on the pricy side, I definitely believe that it is worth the money. You only need a small amount and I believe the full size glass bottle comes with a pump….always a plus, so that it is mess free, long lasting and easy to use.

So if you are on the look-out for a cheaper alternative to Moroccanoil, a hair oil virgin or something a little different with lots of benefits that just smells divine; this Luxe Oil can be your new best friend. Doesn’t everybody want a good hair day every day?

Overall, I am so happy that I have this product in my life… is visibly less frizzy, super smooth with a lovely shine. I mean who doesn’t want super shiny hair?

Have you tried the Wella Luxe oil yet? Which hair oils are your favourite?