Babyliss 5344Bu 2000 Travel Hair Dryer


If your like me, when you go away, you like to have everything with you so that you are prepared for anything to happen. Generally, most hotels will have a hairdryer to use in the room….but I for one am fussy, and theres nothing worse than taking twice as long to get ready because of the equipment that you have to use. In the near future, I will be jetting off on holiday and a hairdryer is an essential part of my daily routine. I wanted one to take with me that was lightweight and effective, so I did a little searching online and came across this Babyliss Travel Dry, which seemed to have great reviews. I was also secured by the Babyliss brand; generally they never fault on performance.


Well can I just tell you that with this Babyliss, there is no need to compromise! It is lightweight with a folding handle and comes with a handy pouch, making it the ideal travel partner. Babyliss claim that it is uniquely designed for high pressure performance giving you all of the power of a regular hair dryer in a size that can fit easily in a small carry pouch. I for one can back up this statement. The hairdryer is 2000W which is the same output as my regular full size home dryer and I find it amazing how such small compact thing can have so much power. Ok so it isn’t as small as some on the market, but in my opinion, this is irrelevant. The quality, power and compactness far outweighs the others available. 

Additionally, there is no need to compromise control for convenience; even though it is sized for travel, it has two heat and two speed settings for ultimate control. Another bonus is the salon style nozzle to provide faster air flow when styling.

To summarise, this product has:

  • Lightweight and compact style with a folding handle
  • Travel pouch
  • 2000W
  • Dual voltage for anywhere in the world 
  • 2 heat/speed settings for optimum results
  • 3 YEAR GUARENTEE!! (Wow! My personal favourite for piece of mind)

Overall, this was a super buy, priced at a VERY reasonable £14.99 from Boots. For the money, I honestly believe that it is the best available on the market. It has just about everything with no compromise on results and for travel it is perfect!

Have you tried the Babyliss Travel Dry yet? What are your essentials when you go away?