Dior ‘Creme de Rose’ Lip Balm


To this day, I have never come across a ‘dud’ Dior beauty product, surely their must be something…right? Let me tell you, if their is, this Creme De Rose lip balm definitely isn’t one of them! Recently, this has been one of my hand bag must-haves and cannot live without, especially now we are hitting the cold, winter months. The packaging, as with any Dior product, is nothing less than perfection and totally luxurious. (Again, they always get this right).

I do tend to get dry lips in the winter, and since discovering this little beauty, I have been one happy girl. It claims to be enriched with a rare Damask Rose essential oil extract, vitamins A&E and Shea Butter for a smoothing, anti-aging, moisturising and long-lasting effect. Im not sure how this magic formula works, but when I use this, my lips do seem intensely moisturised and ‘plumped’. I also just love how the lips are left with a radiant pale pinky glow, without being greasy. For a more intense fix, I like to pop a little more than usual on just before going to bed and you wake up with super soft, plump lips…what more does a girl want? The texture is quite simply dreamy; I feel like I am rubbing liquid pearls onto my lips with the creaminess. Additionally, when wearing matte lipsticks (we all know that these can be horribly drying), this is great for putting a little underneath, as it does not take the effect of the lipstick away.

Overall, the only downside to this product is the price, retailing at £20 (cheapest is £17 at escentual.com), this is one expensive lip balm. But we are talking Dior, and it is a luxury product that will last for quite a while. I have now had mine over 3 months and haven’t even used a quarter. So maybe it is ok as a sneaky treat? If you do take my advice and buy this…be warned…you will never go back!

Have you tried the Creme De Rose?

The Best Lipstick Ever? YSL ‘Rouge Pur Couture’

Every time I walked by the YSL counter in the Trafford Centre (my second home), the lipsticks were calling me. And every time, I tried out many colours on my hand, adoring everything about them, but refusing to pay the £20 price tag that came with them.

Could I justify that sort of money on a lipstick?

So I was clever (a-ha), I knew how much I wanted one and saved up enough Boots Advantage Card points to get one.

So you know what I did? Yep, you guessed it, I got one!

I chose the ‘Rouge Pur Couture’ No.9.

Recently, I have been finding myself reaching for this lipstick more and more as it is such a lovely autumnal/winter colour….great for the party season! It is sort of a reddish colour, with dark berry undertones, so that it isn’t too in-your-face if you wanted to wear it during the daytime.



What do I think of them a few months later?

Well I now have two of them, my second being the ‘Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre’ in shade 107 (let me know if you would like to see this one), and they are my favourite lipsticks EVER! So to break it down a little more…

Pigmentation: Excellent colour pigmentation and this particular one lasts on the lips forever! (this is due to the colour being quite matt, they always last the longest) Super, super, super!

Texture: Amazing. It feels creamy and moisturising when applying and isn’t at all ‘cakey’. This is what all lipsticks should feel like. Full-stop.

Drying: Mmm, well we all know that the more matt the lipstick, the more drying they are so this is what we have to expect. Luckily, YSL have got the balance just right with this one, I find that if I use the Dior ‘Creme De Rose’ lip balm underneath, then my lips are just fine. I chose this lip balm as it doesn’t take away the effect of the lipstick (something like Vaseline would just make it look shiny, which isn’t the desired effect)

Packaging: I would totally buy this lipstick just for the packaging alone, I mean just look at it….just beautiful. And I have to admit, it does feel kinda good pulling this out of the handbag I must say. (not that I’m a snob or anything, I just like pretty things)

Taste: I have to say, their is nothing really special about the taste or scent. Smells kind of perfumey (if this is a word!)… Not sure how else to describe it!

Price: Well at £20 a pop, lets face it, they are expensive. Then again, they are a high-end brand, so you have to expect this. If I had the money, I would definitely own most of the collection, but I don’t, so for now…I have to keep saving up my advantage card points!

Overall, I am very happy that these are in my collection and couldn’t imagine ever being without them. I think that everyone should make at least one of these a ‘sod it’ purchase and never look back. They look pretty, have great pigmentation, a lovely texture and are quite moisturising…and thats good enough for me.

Do you own any YLS lipsticks? What do you think?

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winter Skin Essentials

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days, had a very busy week, including my first experience of Zumba! And I can honestly say that I love it! I did not think that keeping fit could be so enjoyable! Anyway… these winter months have slowly crept up upon us and the change in temperature and windy weather definitely has an effect on our skin (well mine anyway). This post is about all those winter skin essentials that need to be cracked open at this time of year.


Firstly, I like in winter a good quality hand cream. I tend to get dry finger tips and around the nail cuticle area , so I pay particular attention to these. I like to use the Vaseline ‘healthy hands and stronger nails’ hand cream. It really does do just what it says; when I use this, my nails do seem to grow quicker and seem much stronger. It also has a lovely texture, non-greasy and melts right into the skin. It smells pretty nice too and for value, you have a pretty good deal on this!



I also love the Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream. This stuff smells amazing and does a great job of keeping those cuticles in tip top condition! I like to use this as a quick fix for those extra dry patches, and was told that it can be used on lips too….bonus! There is also a intense treatment method and I would suggest to do this once a week if you have very dry hands. Before you go to bed, cover your hands in this cream, pop on some cotton gloves and when you wake up, hey presto….your hands will feel like new, baby soft and perfectly moisturised.



Generally, I have a few go-to products for the body and one of these is The Body Shop’s ‘Coconut Body Butter’.  I find this so rich and creamy and sinks right into the skin. I also love the smell….it lasts all day and keeps you feeling fresh with that just-out-of-the-shower feeling. They do a really great job of moisturising the skin.


Now now now….the Laura Mercier ‘fresh fig soufflé body creme. If you have a few pretty pennies to spare (£43.50) and would like to splash out on a little piece of heaven…buy this. I heard such great things about these creams and had to go out to the shops and see for myself. I was blown away with the smell of this and had to buy it there and then! It is so thick, silky smooth and creamy and nourishes the skin like no other. The delicious fig scent makes it smell good enough to eat! (I will be doing a full review on this product soon)


I also think it is vital to exfoliate a bit more in the winter. Products like the Soap and Glory ‘Sugar Crush Body Scrub’ and the S&G ‘Flake away’ do a great job of getting rid of those dead, chapped skin cells, so that we are left looking healthy and polished. Grab yourself any of these products, some good old exfoliating gloves and get scrubbing away!


Yep thats right….feet. Not the most glamorous of topics, but if your anything like me, you will like your feet to be baby soft at all times. That means making sure that they are well exfoliated and well moisturised.


I like to use the L’Occitane ‘Dry Skin Foot Cream’. It has sort of a whipped texture and melts into the skin straight away. It can also be used as an overnight treatment….again lather onto the feet, put some foot socks on and sleep whilst it works its magic. It could also be a good idea to invest in a ped egg for easy foot exfoliation, if not, a pummice stone will be suffice.


Now I don’t know about you, but my lips always go chapped in winter if they are not looked after properly. I hate dry lips and do anything to avoid getting them.


My personal favourites (apart from the good old Vaseline) is Mac’s ‘Lip Conditioner’ and Dior’s ‘Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm Rose Cream’. Now these are a tad on the expensive side, but I would rather pay for something that works, than spending the same on all the others that don’t. Dior’s Rose Creme is my favourite as it plumps, smooths and nourishes, not to mention smelling great. (again I will do a full review on this product; keep your eyes peeled!)


As a cheaper alternative, I also like the Carmex Lip Balm. This does do a fab job at injecting moisture into the lips and keeping them plump. Great value for the money in my humble opinion!


If you don’t already know, I have big problems with dry skin on my face (and somehow it still manages to be oily…huh?) so it is vital that I have a religious facial routine.


The only products that seem to work for me….I mean really work, is the Lancome Genifique and Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm moisturising cream for dry skin. They smooth, hydrate, plump, clarify , tone….and the list goes on. If you suffer from dry skin, I would recommend giving these two a try….maybe try to get a few samples.


The Origins Mega Mushroom range is also a great buy if you have dry, sensitive and red skin. They are super hydrating and calm the skin right down if you suffer with any redness or blotchiness.

It is also wise to use a separate night cream (Lancome also do one of these in the same range) as they are a lot more moisturising than normal. Giving your skin that big dose of moisture that it needs.


I know the hype on the Michael Todd range is huge, and they are one thing that many bloggers will have talked about at least once. And let me tell you that there is a reason they are spoken about so highly; they are amazing! I love to use the Avocado and Mango hydrating facial mask (especially good in the winter months) and the Charcoal Mask is a good all rounder. I do understand that it is difficult to know if a face mask is doing it’s job, as its something that you do have to just trust, but after 15 minutes with these on, your skin feels plump, soft and hydrated. After using the Charcoal Mask, you can tell that your pores are cleaner as the Charcoal draws out the impurities in the skin. (I will be doing a full review on my Michael Todd range at a later date) May I also  just add the smell of the Avocado and Mango Mask….delicious! The smell alone makes this a good buy and will have you addicted to using it!


Finally, Drink lots! We all know that this is a standard, but in winter, the more we stay hydrated, the more our skin stays hydrated. And this is imperative in keeping those dark circles and paleness at bay. Remember, we should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day (220ml each). So I suggest to drink a pint before bed and a pint when you wake up to give yourself a kick start!

What products do you like to dig out for winter?