A Few Final Snaps From Downtown Vancouver

Well, my time in Canada came to an end and I am back in good old England, and whilst I am a little sad, I still have one last travel post from this trip. We were staying on Vancouver island and on the way back home, we thought that it would be nice to spend a night in the city of Vancouver. What can I say, the place is amazing (I am a city girl at heart) and I just fell in love straight away. All that shopping!!! Below are a few of my final few snaps that I would like to share with you all.


I was in awe of all the mirrored skyscrapers!



We went for dinner at the Cin Cin Italian Restaurant on Robson Street. Lets just say that I ate to my hearts content. The food was to die for with real authentic Italian cooking. I chose a very naughty chocolate and hazelnut dessert. Yum yum….!



This is a sneaky picture from my time on Vancouver Island. I had my first experience of going to a real Ice Hockey game! Considering that I really am not a sports person, I did enjoy myself more than I thought I would!

Ok, thats all for now folks! Hope you enjoyed seeing my Canadian adventure!

Where have you been in the world and had an amazing time?

Karen X


One thought on “A Few Final Snaps From Downtown Vancouver

  1. I was in Vancouver for the first time this summer. It is so beautiful! I also was in awe of the mirrored skyscrapers. It is so interesting how so many of them look the same. Hopefully I can go back one day!

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