Moroccan Oil Light Review


Hair oils have always been somewhat of a downfall of mine. They are one of those things that I always want to use, decide that I am going to buy for daily use, then never seem to make it a priority.  I just think….yeah….maybe another day. I guess because I have light and fine hair they scare me a little bit as I know that many can leave a heavy and greasy residue as a result. This in turn means daily washing, which I do not always like to do.

 Until now, I have been a Moroccan Oil virgin (I know right…where have I been!) and then on one fine day on a trip to the hairdressers, the kind lady gave me a Moroccan Oil Light sample to try. I got quite excited by this as I know how hyped up this product is in the beauty blogging world and I was interested as to how much of a difference that this product would actually make. I’m sure that this product needs no introduction as it is everywhere, but just in case you don’t know, the aim of the product is to enhance manageability, add shine and deliver long term conditioning, without any residue in sight. This light version is specifically for fine and light coloured hair, and the formula is lighter in texture than the original, but still poses the same nourishing properties.

 Let me tell you, boy am I glad that I started using my sample! I feel that it delivers the conditioning properties that regular conditioners can’t. Sometimes when I straighten my hair, it refuses to be soft and sleek and does not feel as conditioned as it should (you must all have days like this right?). By applying this oil though the mid length to ends on damp hair before drying, my hair really is a lot more manageable, shiny and so very soft. Sometimes I just sit there, running my fingers through my hair, as it is so soft (yes…I’m a little strange!). It can also be used on already styled hair as a finishing serum to achieve the same result.

 The one big difference that I have noticed which has amazed me is its ability to keep hair straight and sleek even when I have been outside in the rain and damp weather. (I know…amazing right?!) It really does make all the difference; normally the slightest bit of precipitation would end up making a fuzzy, wavy mess.

 I know a lot of hair products make big claims, claims that appear to work upon the first application, then deliver no long term improvements to hair health. However, Moroccan oil has helped in adding moisture to my hair, and any flyaways are no longer visible…meaning no more split ends (yay!). Additionally, it has a very subtle scent, nothing too strong but still managing to keep hair smelling fresh as a daisy!

 As you can probably guess, I have ended up buying the full size 100ml Moroccan Oil Light, as I am currently in Canada and with the exchange rate, it is at a slightly cheaper price than the £31 price tag at home. Yep, not the cheapest product to buy, BUT you only need the smallest amount with each application (no bigger than the size of a 50 pence piece), so I have a feeling that this bottle is going to last me a very long time. With any luck, maybe a full years worth! So…I would see this as an investment…an investment in your hair health. Also, if you look good, then you feel good…and that to me is priceless. As a little bonus, I love the pump that is provided with the product, it is very efficient and so easy to use…one little pump and your done.

 I know I am probably blabbering on a little too much now, but overall I cannot recommend this product enough. If you want take the plunge on a hair oil that actually does exactly as it says, then this is your baby. They also sell a 25ml (£13.45 on bottle, which is an ideal size to try before you buy. Even when I haven’t used this oil, my hair is a lot more manageable, complete with a superior shine. If you do have a thicker or curly hair type then the original version would probably be best suited to you.

Want great hair for summer? Go and treat yourself…I guarantee that you will wonder how you have ever lived without it!

 Have you tried Moroccan Oil yet? I would love to hear your thoughts below!

Have a good week everyone!

Lots of love


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