And my new colour crush is….


Hello again, I haven’t done a review in a while, so thought I would take todays opportunity to introduce you to something that I have been loving at the moment. They are indeed The Body Shop’s new ‘Colour Crush’ lipsticks, and oh my, what a treat they are! One day, I was having a browse in the shop and came across these beauts. I ended up swatching many colours on my hand, and immediately fell in love with two of them…and the rest is history. After all, we can never have too many lipsticks… am I right?! These colours were number 120; ‘Raspberry in Love’, which is a beautiful deep berry colour, and number 305; ‘Golden Flirt’, a gorgeous brown shimmer. I feel that they are the perfect autumn/winter colours, which will definitely be getting a lot of daily use.



So, down to business, in a nutshell, they are heavenly. I will break it down a little more:

Pigmentation: Amazing! Super gorgeous colour that lasts on the lips forever, and very little is needed to achieve that perfect colour. Need I say more?!

Texture: Dreamy….it feels creamy and very nourishing on the lips. One of the best middle range lipsticks that I have recently come across.

Drying: Not at all, they are made to be rich in moisture and they do exactly what it says on the tin…as a matter of speaking! Yay!

Packaging: Well they don’t come in a box or anything fancy like that, but the shell looks quite cute! The lipstick quality makes up for this!

Taste: Infused with a subtle rose scent, which I personally like. Reminds me a little of Diors ‘Creme De Rose’. A true moisturising smell, if thats possible!

Price: For £10, you get a great quality product. At the time, I had a 50% off make-up voucher, so I got 2 for the price of 1! The Body shop always seem to have special offers, coupons and discount codes on, so be sure to have a look before making a purchase! But even if I had to pay full price, they are definitely worth it.

Overall, well done to The Body Shop….another fantastic item. They have a great range of colours and one to suit every mood and occasion. But don’t just take my word for it….go and see for yourself!

Have a great week 🙂



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