OOTD: Just a working Sunday!




Hello everybody! So I’m a little new at these outfits of the day and I am still getting into the swing of them….but I’m hoping that you like them! Now, if you have read my ‘about’ post, you will know that I work at Topshop and I work on Sundays so I did my picture whilst I was at work. (Sorry for the mess on the floor!) I tried to make up for this by taking another one at home, but the sun was going down fast, so sorry for the lack of light! I have got to say I still feel a little cringy looking at my photos…I’m not the most photogenic person! So hopefully they don’t scare you..ha. 

Anyway down to business, I am wearing everything from Topshop (gotta take advantage of the perks!) apart from the shoes, which are from Next. And they are all quite recent so they should still be in stores. I have the ‘Big Apple Red’ nail polish on from Nails Inc (a magazine freebie, which I am loving!) and a big flower ring from Asos. 

Again, this isn’t a very good make-up picture (or picture at all…) as it was nearly dark, but I am wearing :

  • Dior BB Cream- shade 2 (definitely my desert island item!)
  • Nars “All About Eve’ eyeshadow with a brown Topshop eyeshadow in the crease.
  • Mac Fluidline – Blacktrack
  • Dior Rosy Glow Blush (Another desert island item)
  • The Body Shop shine lipstick in shade 5. (One of my favourite lipsticks)
  • Maybelline highlighter pen

So there you have it! Hope you like it 🙂 

Happy Sunday!! XX


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