Philip Kingsley: One More Day Dry Shampoo


Howdy my lovely followers! How are we all today? All good I hope :). Anyway, today I will be doing a review on the Philip Kingsley One More Day. A good dry shampoo in my opinion has got to be a staple in any hair wardrobe. I am definitely not a morning person and dry shampoos save a lot of time, so I just have to have one in my life. Who else is with me on this one?

They fulfil one main function; to absorb oil and extend the time between hair washing by another day….a life saver right!? Philip Kingsley has taken this concept and gone above and beyond in their first ever dry shampoo. Created by the worlds leading trichologists, it is designed to be a hair and scalp treatment as much as it is an oil regulator. They promise that it will sooth, balance and give your hair some va va voom by gently volumising for the ultimate refreshed style. 

Like all Philip Kingsley products, it is packed full of hair loving ingredients, such as, Zinc PCA; an anti-flake and sebum (oil) control, Allantoin, which soothes and calms irritated and itchy scalps, Bisabolol, an anti-inflammatory which relieves irritation and flaking, and finally, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch to absorb sebum and add texture to volumise hair. A lot of benefits huh for one dry shampoo!?

Now, I have been using this daily since I got it and I have finally formed my opinion on it. I do like it, but for some reason we just have not connected properly and I am not sure why. I have got to say that this is a super lightweight spray and I do like using it as a style prep on my just-washed hair to give it some extra volume and texture. I give my brush a quick spray, then swoosh through my hair (avoiding the ends). I have quite fine hair and not as much of it as I would like, so any texturizer is good in my books! I also like the fresh, floral scent. It is light and fresh, but no so much that it is overpowering.  

When your hair is oily, you are advised to spray onto the roots from about 30cm away and rub into the scalp, which does work perfectly. Their are no tell tale signs that you are wearing a dry shampoo, like a horrible white residue. (you will get this with a lot of the cheaper brands) The downside for me is that I feel that you have to use a little too much to get the desired look, which leaves the bottle emptying too quickly! Maybe this is just my hair? 

Overall, for the price at £13.50 (, I like this product, but would I buy it again? It will probably be a while before I do, as there are plenty more out there that I would like to try first. And as I say, for some reason, I just haven’t fallen in love with it. If you do have quite a dry, easily irritated scalp then this would definitely be a good option to try. Let me know what you think. Have you tried the Philip Kingsley One More Day?


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