My Christmas Wish List!


Now its that time of year again, the nights are drawing in and i’m sorry to say it, but we are only 59 days away from Christmas! I seem to go through phases; sometimes I do not really want anything, and other times, like now,  I want EVERYTHING! So I thought I would share with you all the things that I am loving at the moment. Obviously, I am never going to get all of these at Xmas (sadly there is a lot of money in this list!) but a few cheeky things would be a nice surprise (and maybe buy myself a little treat…..I know we all do it whilst christmas shopping….one for them and this for me…)

So without further a-due, I am going to list from left to right these items and maybe they will give some of you a little inspiration for christmas gifts (always good to have an early start!).

  • Ok so I already have a pair of these Superdry Classic Hockey Joggers from last Christmas. I cannot tell you enough how warm and comfortable these are! I have them on constantly when I am lounging around at home which is why I would like another pair, always good to switch it up! They feel like they are hugging your legs… really do have to try to believe. A definite winter essential! (£44.99)

  • Chanel Chance Eau Tendre. I have only just discovered this fragrance and it smells divine with a fruity floral scent. I find that it is one of those fragrances that most people like and a safe option for a Christmas gift. Definitely worth a smell if you haven’t already. (£51.50 for 50ml)

  • Apple iPod Nano. I own numerous Apple products and all I can say is that they are the best…..nothing compares and the one thing that is missing from my collection is the iPod Nano. I specifically want one of these as they come in many pretty colours, the are light and compact and great for exercise. I just love the yellow colour! Also, if you buy one of these from John Lewis, they are a little cheaper (i’m always looking to save the pennies!) and they come with a 2 year guarantee as opposed to 1 year with the Apple store….always good for piece of mind! (£114.99)

  • Olivia Burton Big Dial Mink and Rose Gold Watch. I have to admit, I have not heard so much about the Olivia Burton brand, but as soon as I saw one of her watches in a magazine, I wanted one instantly! They are timeless, sophisticated and chic and look amazing on. Also in rose gold….I am loving rose gold at the moment! (£68.00)

  • Mac 15 Piece Pro Palette. I do love Mac eyeshadows (who doesn’t!) they are very pigmented and come in a huge array of colours. Im a neutrals girl and do not like much glitter or shimmer, which is why I love the frost colours. I definitely will be filling one of these palettes up over time, they are a essential in the make-up collection.

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover. These are such quality covers and I am just loving the honey colour!       (£30.99)

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Recently I have had a little book addiction and find them great to relax before going to bed or generally when I want to read. They are much more economical and space saving… more hoarding lots of books! (£109.00)

  • Bose SIE2 (in-ear) Sport Headphones. Ok so not a cheap option, but if anyone knows about great, quality sound, it’s the sound masters…..Bose! These are great for exercise and as I have been getting into working out lately, they seem like a great option. They have fab reviews and again with John Lewis, a 2 year guarantee. (£104.95)

  • Michael Kors Saffiano Leather Tri-Fold Wallet. I need a new purse at the moment and I do like a nice looking one….after all we do have them a while! I am in love with this Michael Kors wallet in the black and neon yellow colour. (I’m seeing a yellow theme throughout this!) It feels super high quality whilst looking beautiful. Love love love! (£135.00)

So there you have it….my very long and very expensive (eeek!) Christmas wish list. Let me know if you are after any of these items and what is on your Christmas wish list!

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